+ Why do I need a photographer like you?

In short, a photographer like me can help to provide accurate, yet artistic, representation of a property and your brand as a top tier and sought after Realtor.

+ Where are you located and where is your local market?

As a Real Estate Photographer. I am based out of Turlock CA serving my local communities within Stanislaus County, San Joaquin County and Merced County.

+ Do you travel outside of your local market?

I do travel outside of my local market. However, a travel fee + expenses are agreed upon and applied.

+ How long can I expect the shoot to take?

On average, you can expect the shoot to last 3 hours from start to finish.

+ What gear do you use?


+ What is the best way to prepare a property for a photo shoot?

In order for me to get the best possible images of your home, I’ll need your help. Here are some things you can do to prepare your home for a photo shoot… (read more)

+ How do I book a shoot with you?

+ When can I expect the images to be delivered?

You will receive an email from me between 24 - 48 hours from the shoot start time stating that the images are ready for download.

+ How do the images get delivered to me?

The email I send stating that the images are ready will have a button labeled VIEW PHOTOS. Once you click the VIEW PHOTOS button, you will be taken to an on-line digital gallery to find all of the images displayed beautifully. Then you’ll click the DOWNLOAD button in the gallery, select your package in the cart and pay for the package. Once the remaining balance is taken care of you will receive a receipt and a download link to begin the download process of the images.


+ Who owns the images from the shoot?

All of my images are intellectual property protected by U.S. copyright law. I retain the copyright to all the images I create. Images are licensed to clients for a specific use and duration.

+ How long is my license good for?

A Standard Real Estate License is good for as long as you own the listing.

+ Can I share the images I licensed with others, like subcontractors, to use?

Third-party usage is not included with a Standard Real Estate License. Others interested in using the images must obtain appropriate usage license from me in order to avoid infringement.

+ Can I post the images to social media?

Absolutely, yes you can post the images to social media. I want your project to get as much visibility as possible. Social media usage is included in the Standard Real Estate License. I simple require a photo credit for all social media posts. @kent_gresham